A Letter from Opportunity

Yesterday, NASA' s Opportunity rover died on the surface of Mars. A massive dust storm that engulfed the planet last June covered the solar panels of the rover. The last message NASA received received from Opportunity was short, and heart-wrenching.

My battery is low

And it's getting dark.

Engineers struggled to communicate with the rover for over 7 months. Attempts to reestablish communication were all met with failure. Yesterday, NASA declared the mission was over.

Redditor rko01 shared a letter addressed to humanity from the perspective of the Mars Opportunity Rover

Dear Humanity,

My name is Mars Opportunity Rover. I was brought into existence on July 7th, 2003 by the brilliant minds at NASA and JPL. Since then I have traveled worlds, seen sights eyes have never laid upon and touched ground that none have touched before.

In my 15 years I travelled 28.06 miles on the Martian surface. You may joke about my slow pace, but none of you can claim that you have run a marathon on mars!

On my journey I took over 220,000 photos. Some are famous, some never receive any attention outside of my friends at NASA. Regardless, I am happy to have provided you with images to gaze upon in wonderment.

I found water for those who will one day walk in my footsteps. I can rest easy knowing that I did my part to take care of the brave souls that follow my lead.

Most of all, I made children and children-at-heart look up. Up at space and the countless opportunities that await the curious eyes of a dreamer to fall on them, hoping one day to be explored.

Never stop dreaming, and never lose sight of what matters to you.

I loved my time among the stars. Thank you for my life.

Sincerely, Opportunity

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