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Terry Didn't Like Dee & Sarah's Sing Along

Hmmmm...You Might Not Want 2 Date Lex

What is your dating red flag?

Peer Pressure at its best

We've all got drunk singing videos, no shame in that

Sarah Just Wants 2 Get Away From The Farts

Come for the farts, stay for the reactions

Dee's Jealous of Santa Claus

Wait, Santa isn't real?!?

Dak Prescott & Lex are Both Huge Pussies

Would you ever use anesthesia for something other than surgery?

Dee's The Kid Comforter

Never admit to being a good child comforter

Lex, Terry and Sarah were saying words that scared Dee

Diets are scary indeed

Sarah Goes the Distances for her Brown Sugar

How far do you go to preserve food?

Sarah & Taint Knocked It Out Of The Park Today

Which is worse, not having sex or not getting Taco Bell?