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You Have A LIVE Bear Living In Your House

Lex Wasn't Trying To Be A Grandfather

World's best papa

Yeah I Probably Would Have Gotten Blame For Both

Always getting blamed for stuff, never enough credit for other stuff

I Had Chocolate Pickle Cookies

Pickle and cookie do not belong in the same sentence together

Shut Up!

There's nothing worse than when a person just won't start talking

Lex's Joke Failed

A joke falling flat as an all time low moment

Dee Has It For Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster now or Silence of the Lambs Jodie Foster?

Mike's Dump Was Hall of Fame Worthy

Having a Hall of Fame dump must feel so good

Taint Went Out As Jimmy Jack The Fur Trader

I feel like if you saw a fur trader ou tin about in ND though nobody would bat an eye

What A Bitch!

Sometimes you just gotta call it like you see it