Gerard Way Says My Chemical Romance Reunion Could Happen

2013 was quite the memorable year. From the famous 35 minute power outage at the Big Game, to the arrival of the OG Sharknado, and one of the saddest of all: My Chemical Romance calling it quits.Oh the feels. That last one still gets me, but not for long....maybe.According to a new interview in Billboard with MCR frontman Gerard Way, a My Chemical Romance reunion could conceivably happen: "I wouldn't count (a reunion) out, but at the same time everybody's doing stuff in their lives now that they're really enjoying. In some ways I don't really miss it; It had gotten so big it was very unwieldy. It took a toll on my mental life and personal life. The thing I'm happiest about right now is everybody's relationships with each other are really strong. That's more important than anything else to me."


As for Gerard, he's starting to work on music for a follow-up to his 2014 solo debut, Hesitant Alien. He's still writing comics, with the first issue of his take on the classic DC title Doom Patrol hitting stores this week.

The full Billboard interview available here



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