Alabama - Mandatory Vasectomies at 50 Years Old Bill

An Alabama lawmaker has fired back at her male colleagues who are attempting to ban abortions by proposing a bill that calls for mandatory vasectomies at the age of 50.

Representative Rolanda Hollis, a democrat, says she introduced the proposal to send "the message that men should not be legislating what women do with their bodies." She adds, "Year after year, the majority party continues to introduce new legislation that tries to dictate a woman's body and her reproductive rights. We should view this as the same outrageous overstep in authority."

Last year, Alabama lawmaker approved legislation that made abortion illegal unless the woman's life was in danger. The law was blocked by a federal judge before it could go into effect.

Do you think Hollis is making a valid point?

Photo credit should read SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP via Getty Images

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