LINKIN PARK TEAMS UP WITH FACEBOOK FOR NEW RECORD: Linkin Park is set to release a free-to-place Facebook game called "LP Recharge." According to Loudwire, playing the game will unlock the song "A Light That Never Comes," which is a Linkin Park collab with EDM artist Steve Aoki.

The game takes place in a world where all of the natural resources have been taken over by an elite group. The players of the game attempt to bring clean and sustainable energy back to the environment in an effort to save the planet.

  • Early registrants who sign up for the game on its official website will receive a free download of a clip of the song.
  • The game will be available on September 12th.

DAFT PUNK HITS A MILLION ON SPOTIFY: Daft Punk's hit "Get Lucky" has been streamed over 100 million times on Spotify. NME has reported that the track is already the most popular song in Spotify history. "Get Lucky" has received 104,768,829 plays on the streaming service.


BRADLEY MANNING SAYS WANTS TO LIVE AS A WOMAN: One day after being sentenced to 35 years in military prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of top-secret military and diplomatic documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning on Thursday (August 22nd) said that he wants to undergo hormone treatment and be known as a woman named Chelsea. Manning's gender-identity issue had been brought up by the defense during his court martial. In a statement to NBC's Today show, the 25-year-old Manning said, "As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible." Manning's attorney, David Coombs, said he hopes officials at the Fort Leavenworth military prison will allow Manning to have hormone treatment and suggested there will be a legal battle if they don't. However, an Army spokesman said neither hormone treatment or sex-reassignment surgery is provided to soldiers in military prison. Despite Manning's 35-year sentence, Coombs has said his client could be paroled in as little as seven years.


TECHNICAL PROBLEM STOPS NASDAQ TRADING FOR THREE HOURS: A technical problem stopped trading on the Nasdaq for three hours Thursday (August 22nd), embarrassing the stock exchange where big technology firms, including Apple, Microsoft and Google, are traded. It's unknown what caused the glitch, which began shortly after noon, with Nasdaq saying only that the problem was in its system for disseminating prices and that it planned to investigate. The outage was the latest in a series of technical problems to disrupt financial markets in recent years.

SYRIA BLAMES REBELS FOR ALLEGED CHEMICAL ATTACK: Syria's deputy prime minister charged in an interview with the Associated Press yesterday (August 22nd) that foreign fighters supporting the rebels and their international backers carried out an alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus early Wednesday that the opposition says killed at least 100 people and blames on President Bashar al-Assad's regime. Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil's said foreign militants carried out the attack with the backing of Israel and supporters in the West in an attempt to derail efforts to hold an international peace conference to end the Syrian civil war. Government forces continued to attack rebel strongholds in the area where the alleged attack took place, making it difficult for there to be any quick investigation into what happened.

MILITARY JURY GETS CASE IN FORT HOOD ATTACK: The military jury in the murder case against Major Nidal Hasan, the 42-year-old Army psychiatrist accused in the November 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, in which 13 people were killed and more than 30 wounded, will began their second day of deliberations today (August 23rd) after getting the case yesterday. Hasan, who is acting as his own attorney, said in his opening statement nearly two weeks ago that he was the killer, and then didn't call any witnesses or give a closing argument in his trial. If convicted, Hasan could be sentenced to death, and the standby attorneys assigned to him have suggested that he wants to be executed to become an Islamic martyr.

U.S. SOLDIER APOLOGIZES FOR AFGHAN CIVILIAN MASSACRE: Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, the U.S. soldier who massacred 16 Afghan civilians during two pre-dawn raids on March 11, 2012, apologized Thursday (August 22nd) for the first time for what he called his "act of cowardice," but said he couldn't explain why he did it. He said, "I'm truly, truly sorry to those people whose families got taken away. I can't comprehend their loss. I think about it every time I look at my kids." The 40-year-old Bales pleaded guilty to the charges against him in June to avoid the death penalty, and a six-member military jury will decide whether his life sentence should include the possibility of parole. Closing argument are set for today.

COLORADO TOWN CONSIDERING ISSUING PERMIT TO SHOOT DOWN DRONES: Deer Trail, Colorado, a tiny town of 500 people, is considering issuing permits to shoot down drones, with citizens set to vote on the proposal in October. There would be $25 given for shooting down a drone, and $100 if they bring in debris from a drone that was owned or operated by the federal government. The proposal is the brainchild of Phillip Steel, who says it's a symbolic stand against government surveillance and that he got the idea after seeing news reports about domestic spying by the National Security Agency. He said, "Do we really want to become a surveillance society? That's what I find really repugnant." The proposal drew a warning from the Federal Aviation Administration, which said that shooting at a drone could result in criminal charges or civil liability, just as shooting at a manned airplane would.


BRAUN ADMITS PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING DRUG USE IN MVP YEAR: The Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun finally admitted yesterday (August 22nd) that he'd taken performance-enhancing drugs during his National League MVP season in 2011. Braun, who's currently suspended, said in a statement released by the Brewers that he took a cream and a lozenge containing banned substances while rehabilitating an injury. He said, "It was a huge mistake for which I am deeply ashamed and I compounded the situation by not admitting my mistakes immediately." Braun tested positive for elevated testosterone in October 2011, but his 50-game suspension was overturned when an arbitrator ruled that the urine sample was mishandled. Last month, Braun accepted a 65-game suspension resulting from the investigation into the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic, which was accused of providing banned substances to players. He was one of 14 players disciplined as a result of the probe.

EX-PATRIOTS PLAYER HERNANDEZ INDICTED FOR MURDER: Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was indicted Thursday (August 22nd) on first-degree murder and weapons charges in the death of a 27-year-old friend whose body was found in an industrial park about a mile from Hernandez' home. Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player, had been dating the sister of Hernandez's girlfriend. The 23-year-old Hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder and weapons charges in June, and is being held without bail. Prosecutors say Hernandez orchestrated Lloyd's murder because he was upset at him for talking to people Hernandez had problems with at a nightclub a few days earlier.

WHAT MEN FIND ROMANTIC: A British survey reveals men think it's extremely romantic to give their partner control of the TV remote. In a survey of two-thousand men and women on the top ten most romantic gestures most men said that surprising their partner with flowers was the most romantic thing you could do, followed by cooking dinner, and then by giving up control of the remote. Meanwhile, 60-percent of women said they have to leave subtle hints around the house to get their partner to give them what they want, but the study also showed that two-in-five women must be told what their partner finds romantic. (Daily Mail)