I was fortunate growing up.  My mom, a wonderful woman, now in her nineties, whom I inherited my blue eyes and athletic coordination from, would always make sure I knew when my dad was "on-the-air".

Dad did plenty of radio, but he made his reputation as a television sportscaster for CBS.  He was hired by the network a couple of years before Vince Lombardi was named head coach in Green Bay.  It was a fateful hire for my dad.

As Coach Lombardi turned Green Bay into "Titletown" my father's exposure exploded and he became the top broadcaster for CBS Sports.  He got all of the choice assignments.  From the first two (and four of seven) Super Bowls to the 18th hole at The Masters. 

He was named Sportscaster of the Year in three different states, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and...yes, Florida.  In fact, dad even did a few highlight reels for Florida State football.

Dad was my mentor as a broadcaster without ever even knowing it.  Though we would work together for a few years and I would eventually do some play-by-play and sports anchoring, our broadcasting paths and interests were very different.

Still, I am immensely proud to be Ray Scott's son.  My dad was, and would be, proud of me.  Not for anything other than finding something to do with my life that made me happy.

I miss my dad.  He passed away in 1998 at the age of 78.  You can find his name in the rotunda of the Pro Football Hall of Fame as winner of the Pete Rozelle Award for contributions to the NFL through broadcasting.  He likeness is in the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame where he is enshrined with all of the Packer greats for being the "voice of the Green bay Packers".  Those are but two of his remarkable awards for his career.

While having mementos is nice, the greatest blessing is having the opportunity to see and hear my dad anytime I want...to share that with my children so they can better know their grandfather.

Since I have been thinking a lot about my dad lately, I thought I would share a few random clips and an article or two.

I hope you enjoy these. This first clip is the intro to "The Ice Bowl".  Green bay vs. Dallas for the NFL Championship.

This is a Michigan State football game that dad did with former Packer great, Paul Hornung as the analyst.

Now this is very cool...dad did a lot of radio (and he knew the difference in how to approach doing on game on radio versus television). This is his radio broadcast of the 1957 NFL Championship game for NBC Radio synched up with some video.  My father gets introduced about 4:00 into the clip.

And lastly, my step-sons will love this, dad doing Penn State at Ohio State with former Green bay wide receiver Max McGee.