Please, Don't Shotgun a Beer Through Your Nose

College kids are good at finding new ways to ingest alcohol. Like, scary good. Some common drinking practices among college kids include Ring of Fire (unfortunately, no fire is actually involved), Flip Cup, and Beer Pong. But as drinking practices increase in obscurity, they similarly increase in intensity. These more extreme practices include taking shots through your eyeballs, taking a shot in your butt (which I've seen happen in real life, and it is EXACTLY as funny as it sounds), and if you are Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, another fun drinking game could include the Devil's Triangle.


(By the way, that's not what a Devil's Triangle actually is)


But now, one student from East Carolina University has transcended beyond the crude alcohol consumption methods used by many of his contemporaries. This Carolinian legend has shotgunned a beer in his nose. The uncomfortable video is below.  


I've got to say, my favorite part of this video is the uncanny resemblance the student makes to a fish out of water as he snorts a Bud Light. 

Dilly Dilly, my friends.  

The Ryan Carter


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