What New BS Debate is happening in Tallahassee?

What’s the New BS Debate Happening among Tallahassee City Officials?

Our country is more divided politically than at any other time in recent history. This well documented phenomenon gets routinely exacerbated by both traditional and social media. But regardless of which side of the political spectrum you’re on, one thing that constituents bipartisanly can’t stand is wasting time and money.

Well, surprise surprise, that is exactly what the Tallahassee government is doing right now.

City staff members are considering changing the closing time of Tallahassee bars.  “But wait”, you say. “I remember how this movie ends”. You’re right! You do! And that’s because you’re a model citizen and you pay attention to your local city government. Now, to anyone unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, this debate was opened, decided, and closed two years ago when an ordinance passed declaring that local bars would be allowed to remain open until 4 a.m.

There was just one teeny tiny problem with the ordinance.

It didn’t change last call for alcohol.

That’s right, city staffers seemed to overlook that Tallahassee bar owners make money from drink sales.

I know, it’s shocking.

But its true. Despite all the back and forth debating over when bars should close, no one seemed to care that the conversation was baseless without changing the legal serving hours in Leon County.

I can tell you from personal experience (*Taps microphone*: I’m a bartender) that when this ordinance passed it changed nothing. The bar I worked at still closed its doors by 2:30.

Also, it’s 2:30. Go home. You don’t need another drink. Don’t you have a family?

So my hat is off to you, Tallahassee. You are that creepy guy trying to keep people at the bar even though everyone is drinking water and the Ubers have been ordered. 

Stay classy, Tallahassee.  

The Ryan Carter


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