How Did I NOT Know About Wrinkles The Clown???

Freaky right? Well apparently this isn't just some horror documentary style movie, this is REAL! Yep that's right, Wrinkles the Clown is in fact a real clown that scares kids in Southwest Florida. Check out his Wiki:

Wrinkles the Clownis the alias of an unidentified man living in Naples, Florida, who for a fee of "a few hundred dollars" will attend birthdays, scare misbehaving kids, and prank people.

So of course I went to YouTube to see if it was legit. Sure enough here's a news story on him

I honestly think I love this guy. Seems like some weird dude who likes pranking kids with their parent's permission. The fact that they made some kind of horror documentary on this dude is fascinating. Hearing him talk in a muffled New York accent makes him a thousand times less scary. HOWEVER if you just watch his "Sighting" videos, you'd have another opinion on him....

Freaky right? Not NEARLY as freaky as the video that started it all. Apparently these parents were trying to teach this girl a lesson with her behavior and hired him to scar her for life

According to the YouTube Description:

(according to Wrinkles): Wrinkles was hired to do this to strike fear into a mis-behaving child. The child never actually saw Wrinkles when this happened, but admits feeling the bed move and hearing noise. She woke up, but was too scared to look. The video was made (from home security camera) so that when the child acted up, the parents could show it to her and threaten to bring him back if she didn't improve her behavior.

Wrinkles the Clown, is scheduled for release on October 4.....Sweet Dreams

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