Locals Only Artist Of The Week: Gaia Jones

We've had our fair share of talented artists and bands over the course of the past year we've done Locals Only. There have been a few though that are out our league and we're shocked that they even submitted their music to us. Enter Gaia Jones, one of the most talented voices we've had on Locals Only. This girl has got the pipes, got the vibe, and has the stuff to really make an impact. Her bio is already impressive:

Gaia Jones is a singer-songwriter from Tallahassee Florida. Her music reflects the odyssey of her life. From alternative pop to rock and country, her songs tell the stories she's lived and collected along the way. 
Gaia Jones has been writing and producing music with local musicians and collaborating with producers from all across the country. She recorded her first demos together with her band in LA with Fall Out Boy guitarist; Joe Trohman in 2016. Since then Gaia and her band have collaborated with Travis Clark (of We the Kings), recorded with Julian Cruz (producer Dominic Fike) and Lee Dyess of Earthsound Recordings. She has played a show on a bridge 250 feet over the Cooper River in South Carolina, opened for nationally touring group Kolars, and The Sh-Booms, played strip clubs, bars, and breweries up and down the east coast. In 2020 Gaia Jones signed with Italian music group Rehegoo music after catching their attention with her single No More Bad Days. In August 2020 she released her first full length album "Moments", and was honored as Rehegoo's feautred artist of the month. While on hold from her passion of performing, Gaia continues to write and record music with her band. She creates music in hopes to "help put an end to war and poverty. [It will] align the planets and bring them into universal harmony, allowing meaningful contact with all forms of life, from extraterrestrial beings to common household pets. And... it's excellent for dancing." (Rufus- Bill & Ted's excellent Adventures) 

I must say, quoting Bill and Ted is a most excellent touch. Let me respond back by quoting Star Wars, "We will watch your career with great interest"






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