Locals Only Artist Of The Week: West

This week's Locals Only Artist simply goes by "West". A Panama City Native who just moved back to the panhandle after living in Atlanta, West gives us a relaxed Folk/Indie rock kind of vibe that is perfect for the fall weather. I'm serious too, I feel so relaxed listening to his music that I don't even care that he sent me this picture

He looks like a drunk uncle about an hour after fighting with one of your family members and now he's in the emotional phase of his intoxication. BUT I don't care! That's how much I enjoyed his music. From his bio:

West is an artist who was born and bred in Northwest FL where the coastal salt air mixes with southern tides. Drawing on the well of musicians such as Bob Dylan and Wilco, he has an ear for more current subtleties but also an ability to reach back to the appeal of the past. Despite playing in indie rock bands for the majority of his life now in his late 20’s, he has never neglected the heartfelt southern tradition of songwriting which deeply influences his art across all fronts. The music has been described as a blend between folk, indie-rock and everything there is to love about Americana. In recent years residing in Atlanta, Georgia, West has spent much of his time touring regularly and writing with acts such as MYFEVER & Old Sea Brigade but has begun working on his own material starting with the break-out 2020 single, “Give It Up” available today everywhere music can be found.

So if you need some music to chill out to and vibe with. West is your guy






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