Locals Only Band Of The Week: Pardon The Scars

I feel like it's been a while since we've had a heavier band come into the Locals Only mix. Pardon the Scars takes care of that hole today with their music. Pardon The Scars is out of Pensacola and it's wild to think that Locals Only is starting to have a wider reach than when we first started last October yet here we are. From their Bio:

Blasting onto the music scene with infectious melodies and arrangements that are staple elements of their undeniable sound. Pardon The Scars' sonic signature is a blend of 90's alternative, groove and progressive metal, spun together with their modern hard rock attack. Pardon The Scars got its start around 2012 under the name Paracosm. Paracosm had a successful six year run playing venues all over the southeast US in support of many regional and national touring acts. After numerous line up changes throughout the years their music began to evolve and outgrew the Paracosm moniker. Out of the ashes arose a perfectly imperfect four-piece hard rock band known as Pardon The Scars. PTS puts every ounce of themselves into their performances and their stage show is ever-evolving...a testament to their dedication to the art. Pardon The Scars’ shows welcome everyone to join in on their musical experience. We are who we are, we are all flawed, we are the scarred. Come share your scars with us at a show near you!

These guys absolutely crank and there's a reason they're confident submitting their music to stations 100+ miles away. Today we proudly play their debut single that just came out a few weeks ago. Enjoy!






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