Locals Only Band Of The Week: Defy The Tyrant

I've got nothing but love for our next Locals Only band of the week. The guys over at Defy The Tyrant have been so supportive of other artists and local music that it's almost inspiring. When I first came to X in Tallahassee I had a fair share of listeners bash X101.5 for not supporting local music and blah blah blah. Keep in mind I had JUST been named Program Director of the station. The guys over at Defy reached out and were nothing but friendly and were on board for anything that we did. They're actually one of the reasons I decided to bring back Locals Only. I figured since they were so chill and cool about the local music scene then I may as well give it a shot. From their Bio:

Dynamic Tallahassee, FL based rock band Defy The Tyrant have, in just a few years, developed a polished fusion of Southern and Classic Rock with Nu-Metal, nodding to such diverse influences as Garth Brooks, Slipknot, Stevie Ray Vaghn, Motley Crue, Fuel, Sevendust, and Creed.
Defy The Tyrant was originally formed by bassist David Norton, aka Slim (V.O.P.), guitarist Ian Mackenzie (DethDefy, Adamant, and Detour), drummer Dylan Sirmons aka Dilly, and lead guitarist Stuart Ledbetter aka Stu (Respawn and The Young Bucks) for a cover show in April of 2016. The band went through 4 different vocalists, including Ian, before picking up Curt Rogers (Inside the Nine, 86 the Earth, and Achilles Heel).
Creating a slow-burning style of heavy rock, with soaring screams tempered by polished lyricism, they released their debut EP, Voices Pt. 1 in February, 2018 and lyric video for the title track on August 5. With a percolating energy throughout, Defy The Tyrant is positioning to push a fresh voice and sound into the heavy rock machine and redefine what "alternative metal" means.
Curt : Vocals
Slim : Bass
Stu : Lead Guitar
Dilly : Drums
Ian : Rhythm Guitar

These guys not only kick ass but they're genuinely nice guys. HOWEVER if some kind of scandal happens with them between now and the time you read this, I take it all back.

PS: Their logo is freakin sweet


Facebook: www.facebook.com/defythetyrant

IG: www.instagram.com/defy_the_tyrant


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