Local's Only Band Of The Week: Fighting Giants

This band really is rock and roll. When I asked for a bio and pictures they didn't send any of that. Instead they just sent a single, said 'here ya go', and went on their merry way making more music. I love it.

Although I was able to find something on the band:

Fighting Giants is a Hard Rock/ Metalcore band out of Tallahassee/Crawfordville,FL

David Rowe-Vocals

Richard Burke-Guitar/Vocals

Jeff Withers-Guitar/Vocals

Aaron (Bofa) Jett-Bass/Vocals

John Hogenson-Drums

That's it! That's literally all I found. You think these guys want to sit around and just make bios about themselves and short funny TikTok videos so they can get followers? Hell no! All anyone needs to know is right there in that sentence. They're a rock band. They're from Tallahassee. Those are the members. That's it! For good measure they also took a random picture in a cemetery. You think they know who those people are? Of course not! They just want to get back to band practice. And that's good enough for me.

If you ARE looking for more information about them though I suggest following them on their Facebook page. Lots of info on where to see them.

Also you can hear more of their music and get their album here

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