EGYPTIAN CRACKDOWN EXPECTED ON MORSI SUPPORTERS: Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi are bracing for a crackdown at their two protest camps in Cairo after security officials said police would move on the sit-ins within 24 hours. Thousands of Morsi supporters, including members of his Muslim Brotherhood, are at the sites, and they have said they won't leave until Morsi, who was removed in a popularly-supported military coup on July 3rd, is reinstated. Egypt's new leadership says the protests have frightened Cairo residents, sparked deadly violence and disrupted traffic, while leaders of the sit-in say they've been peaceful and blame security forces and thugs for violence. Morsi and top leaders of the Brotherhood have been detained and are facing criminal investigations.

SNOWDEN'S FATHER TO GO TO RUSSIA: The father of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden said in an interview with ABC's This Week Sunday (August 11th) that he's received a visa to visit his son in Russia, where's he's been granted temporary asylum. Lon Snowden will make the trip with his attorney, Bruce Fein, who said on This Week, "We intend to visit with Edward and suggest criminal defense attorneys who have experience in criminal espionage act prosecutions." Lon Snowden also said that he wouldn't be open to a plea deal with the U.S. for his son to return, saying Edward should instead fight espionage charges in court. Snowden said that he didn't accept criticism of his son's actions from President Obama or congressional leaders, declaring, "What I would say is that my son has spoken the truth. He has sacrificed more than either the president of the United States or [GOP Rep.] Peter King have ever in their political careers or their American lives." Snowden also questioned whether his son would have received a fair hearing if he had brought his concerns about NSA surveillance to members of Congress, saying, "We have seen how they reacted, even when the truth comes out, they spin the truth, they try to hide it from the American people. He would have been buried under the capital. And we would have never known the truth."

NEW iPHONE COMING NEXT MONTH?: All Things D reported over the weekend that Apple will unveil its new iPhone on September 10th. Apple will likely come out with processor and camera advances for the next generation iPhone, according to USA Today, which also cites unconfirmed press reports as saying it may come up with a fingerprint sensor that would allow a one-touch log-in. It still remains to be seen whether Apple will move to a larger screen size or offer a cheaper version of the iPhone.


SAN DIEGO MAYOR ENDS TWO-WEEK SEX HARASS THERAPY ONE WEEK EARLY: San Diego Mayor and alleged serial sexual harasser Bob Filner completed his intensive therapy treatment on Saturday (August 10th), less than a week into the course, even though it was originally reported to be a two-week session, according to the law firm representing him, which said he'd continue therapy on an outpatient basis. Filner's former press secretary, Irene McCormack Jackson, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Democratic mayor, and at least 14 other women have also come forward in the past few weeks to allege inappropriate behavior toward them. Filner has apologized and admitted he'd disrespected women, but he has not said he will resign, despite calls for him to do so from the entire city council, as well as elected officials at the state and federal level and the San Diego County Democratic Party. Opponents have launched a recall campaign.

SKIN DISORDERS ARE MOST COMMON REASON PEOPLE GO TO THE DOCTOR: The Motley Fool reported on a large-scale Mayo Clinic study on why people go to see the doctor, and found that, surprisingly, the most common reason was skin disorders. The 10 most common reasons listed in the survey of 142,377 patients between 2005 and 2009 were:

  1. Skin disorders, including cysts, acne, and dermatitis
  2. Joint disorders, including osteoarthritis
  3. Back problems
  4. Cholesterol problems
  5. Upper respiratory conditions (excluding asthma)
  6. Anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression
  7. Chronic neurologic disorders
  8. High blood pressures
  9. Headaches and migraines
  10. Diabetes


KORN DEBUTS NEW SINGLE: Korn is now streaming its new single, "Never Never," at the band's official Facebook page. The song comes off the group's 11th studio album, The Paradigm Shift, which will be released on October 8th and features the return of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch to the lineup after more than eight years away. Singer Jonathan Davis told us that's just one of the reasons why he's so proud of the new record: "I mean, I think this one is like the culmination of all those records that we've done put together. I think it's the best record we've done. Untouchables used to be my favorite, but this one's mine now. You know, it's just all those years of work and being able to be in a band this long with the guys, and having Head back bringing, you know, that old chemistry back with him and Munky (guitarist James Shaffer), it really helped."

  • The new disc follows up 2011's The Path Of Totality, which found Korn collaborating with dubstep artists on every track.
  • Beginning Tuesday (August 13th), fans will be able to pre-order The Paradigm Shift and purchase "Never Never."
  • The new disc will be available in standard and deluxe editions, with the deluxe showcasing two bonus tracks and a documentary DVD titled "Reconciliation."

TRENT REZNOR SAYS DAVID BOWIE HELPED HIM THROUGH ADDICTION: Nine Inch Nails main man Trent Reznor has revealed in a new interview with the Guardian that rock legend David Bowie helped him get through the darkest days of his addiction to drugs and alcohol, which Reznor finally kicked in 2003. Reznor explained, "When I was in the throes of that was when we toured with Bowie, and this was the Bowie that had come out the other side and was happily married. I was nearing the peak of my addiction, and his role to me was kind of mentor, big brother, friend, and also he'd give me kind of shamanish advice."

  • Reznor said that his mental state hit a low during the recording and touring of Nine Inch Nails' classic 1994 album The Downward Spiral, leading to his struggle with addiction.
  • He admitted, "Downward Spiral felt like I had an unending bottomless pit of rage and self-loathing inside me and I had to somehow challenge something or I'd explode. I thought I could get through by putting everything into my music, standing in front of an audience and screaming emotions at them from my guts -- but after a while it didn't sustain itself, and other things took over."

MORE NEW BLACK SABBATH ALL DEPENDS ON TONY IOMMI’S HEALTH: Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi says he'd love to make another record with the band -- but admits that it all depends on how his health holds up. Iommi, who was diagnosed with cancer in January 2012 and continues to undergo treatment for the disease, told, "It's a question that's been asked a few times. I don't really have an answer. Because of my treatments and stuff I can't commit to doing another two years or anything like that. I have to play it as it comes now."

  • Iommi added, "I'm really enjoying it. If the rest of the year goes well, then we'll look at it and see if it's possible to do another album. It would be very nice to. You can't beat that feeling of walking onstage, especially with your old mates, you know. I think it's better than it was 40 years ago."

RATM’S L.A. RISING FESTIVAL IS COMING BACK: Rage Against The Machine's L.A. Rising festival, which first took place in 2011, will return in 2014. A message at Rage's Facebook page read, "Plans for L.A. Rising 2014 are underway. August 2014 may seem distant, but the road to L.A. Rising will not be barren. More info to come . . . " The 2011 show featured Rage, Muse, Rise Against, Lauryn Hill and others. Rage has not performed live since the first L.A. Rising, with rumored plans for a 20th anniversary tour last year failing to materialize. (Loudwire)

NBC ANNOUNCED LENO'S FINAL SHOW: Jay Leno will host his final episode of the Tonight Show on February 6, 2014 just before coverage for the winter Olympics is set to begin. Jimmy Fallon will make his debut at the desk on February 24, 2014 which is also when Seth Meyers is set to take over Jimmy's Late Night gig.

GREEN DAY'S UPCOMING RELEASE: Green Day is preparing to release Cuatro!, the documentary about the making of the band's recent trio of albums, on DVD on August 26th. The film chronicles the process of writing and recording Uno!, Dos! and Tre!, which Green Day released last September, November and December. The DVD release also features footage of the band's 2012 tour. Bassist Mike Dirnt said in a statement, "Cuatro! brings our fans one step closer by giving them even more access and revealing what it was like for us to make these records." (Alternative Addiction)