Listen to The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones lead the way in touring.  The band has the number one spot on a new Billboard list of the Top 25 Live Artists of the past 25 years. 

Since 1990, the Stones have entertained nearly 19.7 million fans at 538 shows, and made over $1,565,000,000 for their efforts. 

U2 ranks second, and doesn't trail the Stones by much with earnings of more than $1,514,000,000.  Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and Bon Jovi are also in the billionaires club, and round out the top five.  Elton John and the Eagles are also in the top ten. 

Paul McCartney only played 220 shows -- the least of anyone on the list -- but earned more than $505,000,000 to capture the number 13 spot.  At the opposite end is Celine Dion, who ranks eighth with earnings of over $737,000,000 for 1,143 performances.  Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, and Metallica are some of the other stars on the list. 

Photo Credit Getty Images