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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is taking exception to being called a "warmonger." 

The rocker is denying allegations from the "Dorset Eye" blog, which claims the singer is investing in a British company that has a $500 million contract to produce drones for the U.S. military. 

In a statement to "NME," Iron Maiden's rep calls the article "spurious," "totally inaccurate," and a "malicious piece of writing."  The rep confirms that both Bruce and Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood "were early investors in and remain great supporters" of Hybrid Air Vehicles, whose product has "nothing whatsoever to do with drones" but has "massive positive implications in many areas of life."  The rep admits there could be future military use for HAVs, but says the vehicles are designed for applications would save lives. 

The "Dorset Eye" is citing an announcement on the South African "Conference Speakers International" website, which has since been removed. 

The Iron Maiden rep says the "Dorset Eye" article "seems to have stemmed from an unfortunate mistake in terminology" on the South African website, which the writer "used as a starting point and catalyst to go off on a flight of sheer fantasy." 

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